Looking forward to playing music written and sung by my old friend Jerry Garcia. Some he played with his own band, and some he sang with the Dead. Most were co-written with his close friend, poet Robert Hunter.

Bob was also a good friend of mine. I played on his first solo album “Tiger Rose” recorded at Micky’s Rolling Thunder Studios and produced by Jerry in November 1974, and we later penned a few songs together for my 2nd solo album “The Long Haul” in 2001.

Jerry was a deep cat and cared very much about the people who listened to his music and and came to watch him play; he was always very careful to make certain the creative tapestry he and his band-mates were about to weave had a strong foundation to build from.

He was also socially conscious and was always ready to get on board and play a benefit concert if the cause resonated with him.

Stephen, Barry, Wally, Rob and I want to celebrate Jerry’s life at these shows through his music and take the jams out to the edge as Jerry always liked to do, but in our own way.

He loved the Islands and often talked to me about the joys of Scuba diving in Hawaii, where he felt weightless and free to interact with the precious wildlife surrounding him.

We love you Jerry.


Nick Gravenites “ROGUE BLUES” reviews in:

BLUES NEWS—The Newsletter of the Kentuckiana Society
The illustrious career of Nick Gravenites began in the 1960’s with his friendship with Mike Bloomfield and Paul Butterfield and the creation of The Electric Flag with Barry GoldbergRead More

The distinctive voice of the Butterfield Blues Band and the Electric Flag, Nick Gravenites, returns with a solo album, Rogue Blues, his first in eight years … Read More

“I’ve known Nick since 1961–and have always admired his singing and songwriting—this record really shows off his stuff beautifully—his music is grounded in the classic Chicago blues of the 50’s and 60’s, but he doesn’t try to imitate anybody—is always just himself—the songs are well written and strongly sung—always come at you from a totally unique angle. Charlie Musselwhite adds some way cool touches on harmonica—the production, by Pete Sears (who also plays piano and bass) is spare and tasty and really complements Nick’s voice perfectly—there’s a beautiful flow to the whole thing and I love it”
Elvin Bishop
“Nick Gravenites is a legendary figure that has cruised back and forth between the San Francisco scene and Chicago’s blues scene forever it seems. I got the chance to see him live with Electric Flag in the late 60s and was impressed with his sound and his no nonsense delivery. These tracks recorded in 2022 and 2023 sound fresh, and are a good example of Nick’s singing and songwriting. It’s a pleasure to hear this underground treasure so powerful at this point in his career!”
Duke Robillard
“Nick Gravenitis is such a great no-nonsense artist….a huge part of the blues scenes of Chicago and California, in the 60s! Great songwriter and STILL performing and singing as great as ever! I’ve known Nick about 60 years and he’s always been an inspiration and by golly he continues to be!!!! He’s one of The Last Guys Standing….a Chicago “tough guy” from way back when being a tough guy actually meant something!
Charlie Musselwhite
Nick Gravenities, a seasoned veteran from the waaay back- in-the-day original Chicago Blues scene, is a masterful Blues singer & songwriter who penned such Blues classics as “Born in Chicago”~
 ~He’s an OG …. an original, real deal, authentic Bluesman to the bone!~He writes about what he’s lived, in all its funky vicissitudes, which is what makes his songs so immediate & moving~
~On this collection of never released recordings, Nick, accompanied by Pete Sears, Charlie Musselwhite & Jimmy Vivino, lets loose with gruff, raw, impassioned vocals that do what the Blues was intended to do…. express the raw emotion and anguish of the human condition in a very very personal way!~Any lovers of the Real Deal Old School Blues are sure to appreciate this recording!”
Maria Muldaur