California Kind

See Pete play with Cal­i­for­nia Kind.

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Green Leaf Rustlers

See Pete play with Green Leaf Rustlers.

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See Pete play with Moonalice.

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Louisiana Love Act

See Pete play with Louisiana Love Act.

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Buy Now — The Long Haul CD

Pete Sears with guest singer Dav­ey Pat­ti­son and oth­er Sundry Characters

Pete Sears The Long Haul CD

Pete Sears on Piano, 1979

Pete Sears plays with Jef­fer­son Star­ship at Speed­way Mead­ows, Gold­en Gate Park, CA.

Pete Sears on Piano, 2005.

Pete Sears on Piano — May 5, 2005 The Fill­more, San Fran­cis­co, CA

Pete Sears Playing the Dragon, 2014.

11/16/14 Pete Sears with the David Nel­son Band