I sat in with The Flying Other Brothers that night.
Roger and the FOB had hired Hot Tuna as part of Jorma’s “Fur Peace Ranch Guitar Camp”. We shared some of our hard earned musical knowledge with them, and they shared their considerable collective IQ with us. We all had a great time. The band consisted of Roger McNamee Vocals and rhythm guitar, Bert Keely lead guitar and vocals, Bill Bennett on bass and vocals, Ann McNamee vocals and piano, Larry Marcus drums, Corrine Marcus vocals and percussion, and Tony Bove vocals and blues harp. As my ten very happy years with Jorma, Jack, Michael and the boys wound down, I began sitting in with The Flying Other Brothers more and more. They were very family oriented, so it was nice for me to be able to bring my family along on some of the more fun trips.
They all had regular day jobs of one sort or another connected with Silicon Valley, but one day Roger told me he wanted to scale things up a bit…so I joined them full time.
I got my friends “Leftover Salmon” to agree to let us open for them. By that time Barry Sless had joined to help cover when Bert was too busy…and Jim Sanchez when Larry was busy. Barry and Jim soon joined full time. I played keyboards. Jack Casady would sometimes come out with us, as well as GE Smith. The band eventually changed its name to “Moonalice” with Barry, me GE Smith Jim Sanchez and Roger & Ann. The band now consists of Roger vocals guitar and bass, Ann keyboards percussion and vocals, John Molo on drums and vocals, Barry Sless on lead guitar and pedal steel, and me on vocals rhythm guitar bass & keyboards. We are very happy with the present line-up. — with Flying Other Brothers, Roger McNamee, Tony Bove and Ann Atomic Moonalice.