2002. I first met my good friends in “The Flying Other Brothers” after Roger McNamee had held a private “Not New Years” party at the Fillmore West with Hot Tuna & Bob Weir.


2002. I first met my good friends in “The Fly­ing Oth­er Broth­ers” after Roger McNamee had held a pri­vate “Not New Years” par­ty at the Fill­more West with Hot Tuna & Bob Weir.

I sat in with The Fly­ing Oth­er Broth­ers that night.
Roger and the FOB had hired Hot Tuna as part of Jor­ma’s “Fur Peace Ranch Gui­tar Camp”. We shared some of our hard earned musi­cal knowl­edge with them, and they shared their con­sid­er­able col­lec­tive IQ with us. We all had a great time. The band con­sist­ed of Roger McNamee Vocals and rhythm gui­tar, Bert Keely lead gui­tar and vocals, Bill Ben­nett on bass and vocals, Ann McNamee vocals and piano, Lar­ry Mar­cus drums, Cor­rine Mar­cus vocals and per­cus­sion, and Tony Bove vocals and blues harp. As my ten very hap­py years with Jor­ma, Jack, Michael and the boys wound down, I began sit­ting in with The Fly­ing Oth­er Broth­ers more and more. They were very fam­i­ly ori­ent­ed, so it was nice for me to be able to bring my fam­i­ly along on some of the more fun trips.
They all had reg­u­lar day jobs of one sort or anoth­er con­nect­ed with Sil­i­con Val­ley, but one day Roger told me he want­ed to scale things up a bit…so I joined them full time.
I got my friends “Left­over Salmon” to agree to let us open for them. By that time Bar­ry Sless had joined to help cov­er when Bert was too busy…and Jim Sanchez when Lar­ry was busy. Bar­ry and Jim soon joined full time. I played key­boards. Jack Casady would some­times come out with us, as well as GE Smith. The band even­tu­al­ly changed its name to “Moon­al­ice” with Bar­ry, me GE Smith Jim Sanchez and Roger & Ann. The band now con­sists of Roger vocals gui­tar and bass, Ann key­boards per­cus­sion and vocals, John Molo on drums and vocals, Bar­ry Sless on lead gui­tar and ped­al steel, and me on vocals rhythm gui­tar bass & key­boards. We are very hap­py with the present line-up. — with Fly­ing Oth­er Broth­ers, Roger McNamee, Tony Bove and Ann Atom­ic Moonalice.






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