1967. Sam Gopal Dream. Original Trio. Playing Alexandra Palace. London.

Indo Jazz

Indo Jazz

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Sam Gopal Dream Alley Pally 1967


1967. “Sam Gopal Dream” get­ting ready to play at the 14-Hour Tech­ni­color Dream” at Alexan­dra Palace” in Lon­don. We start­ed our set at 5:00am. I scanned this pho­to from a book T‑Bone Bur­nett gave me called “I Was There…Gigs That Changed The World”. I had no idea this pho­to of the band exist­ed until I saw the book…as you can see it includes a pho­to of John Lennon who was hang­ing out that night. I’m sit­ting down with my bass on the left of the top pho­to, Mick Hutchin­son is in the mid­dle with his gui­tar, and Sam Gopal is set­ting up his Tablas.

Pho­to scanned from the book: “I Was There, Gigs That Changed The World”.

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