1971 Pete Sears. Another shot in John Cipollina’s antique gun room on King Street in Mill Valley, California…John was there with the photographer, Michael Moore. We were just having fun. Those are live rounds in the bandolier…hey, we were young.

(My friend John Goddard used this shot for the cover of one of his “Village Music” Sweetwater Show invitation cards during the 1990’s. I was on the first “Further Festival Tour” with Hot Tuna when John Goddard made up the invitation…I was quite surprised when someone showed it to me) 🙂

I’d just come off the first “Long John Baldry Blues Band” tour of the USA after completing Rod Stewart’s “Every Picture Tells a Story” hit album. I’d moved into John and his girlfriend Jan’s house in Mill Valley. Although all the band members were in place, John (Cipollina) hadn’t come up with the name “Copperhead” yet.