1972–73…“Betty Davis”. (Funk) Just Sunshine Records.


1972…“Betty Davis”

I record­ed acoustic piano as a guest on the “Bet­ty Davis” album…considered by many to be the sem­i­nal funk album of the time. I played on the track “Anti Love Song”. The album was pro­duced by Sly and the Fam­i­ly Stone drum­mer Greg Erri­co, and fea­tured Lar­ry Gra­ham on bass, Greg on drums, Merl Saun­ders on elec­tric piano, and sev­er­al oth­er major artists. It was record­ed at Wal­ly Hei­der Stu­dios in San Fran­cis­co. Bet­ty was mar­ried to jazz great Miles Davis but they were sep­a­rat­ed at the time the album was made. She was a won­der­ful per­son to work with and we became very good friends. She made sev­er­al albums.Bet­ty Davis. “Anti Love Song”
Lar­ry Gra­ham pret­ty much invent­ed the slap bass tech­nique. He was play­ing in a band with no drummer…so he worked out a way to play bass and per­cus­sion at the same time. — with Bet­ty Davis.
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