1972. Bolic Sound was Ike Turner’s private recording studio in Los Angeles. (this photo of Ike and Tina was from an album that I am not on, but it was taken around the time I hung out with him for a bit) I spent two weeks recording in the studio with him…mostly piano and B3. John Mills was the engineer…nice guy, we got along well.

Ike had rows of multi track reels all around the walls packed with unpublished tunes…he practically lived in the studio, recording constantly. We would record and Tina would come by every week and overdub vocals.

I remember playing piano on George Harrison’s song “Something In The Way She Moves”…Tina came by and sang “Something In The Way He Moves”.
I have no idea if it ever saw the light of day, but I hear a collector has acetate of the recording…wish I could hear it.
We even recorded a tune I wrote…wish I could hear that also.
Ike would stay up recording for two or three days until he finally collapsed on the studio floor and a bodyguard would cover him with a blanket. He’d wake up the next day and go right on recording…some amazing music came out of that studio.
It was a very intense two weeks of recording and an experience I will never forget. Bolic Sound eventually burnt to the ground under mysterious circumstances.