1972. Bolic Sound was Ike Turner’s private recording studio in Los Angeles.


1972. Bol­ic Sound was Ike Turn­er’s pri­vate record­ing stu­dio in Los Ange­les. (this pho­to of Ike and Tina was from an album that I am not on, but it was tak­en around the time I hung out with him for a bit) I spent two weeks record­ing in the stu­dio with him…mostly piano and B3. John Mills was the engineer…nice guy, we got along well.

Ike had rows of mul­ti track reels all around the walls packed with unpub­lished tunes…he prac­ti­cal­ly lived in the stu­dio, record­ing con­stant­ly. We would record and Tina would come by every week and over­dub vocals.

I remem­ber play­ing piano on George Har­rison’s song “Some­thing In The Way She Moves”…Tina came by and sang “Some­thing In The Way He Moves”.
I have no idea if it ever saw the light of day, but I hear a col­lec­tor has acetate of the recording…wish I could hear it.
We even record­ed a tune I wrote…wish I could hear that also.
Ike would stay up record­ing for two or three days until he final­ly col­lapsed on the stu­dio floor and a body­guard would cov­er him with a blan­ket. He’d wake up the next day and go right on recording…some amaz­ing music came out of that stu­dio.
It was a very intense two weeks of record­ing and an expe­ri­ence I will nev­er for­get. Bol­ic Sound even­tu­al­ly burnt to the ground under mys­te­ri­ous cir­cum­stances.


  1. Dan Simon says: | Reply

    My father Jer­ry Simon (aka Cap­tain Elec­tric) wired Bol­ic Sound. Our fam­i­ly was resid­ing in west Van Nuys back then. Dur­ing those ear­ly days, (I was a very young kid) Ike would some­times call our home phone all hours of the night try­ing to get my dad to come out to the stu­dio to fix tech­ni­cal issues, light­ing, elec­tri­cal, etc.

  2. Dan Simon says: | Reply

    My father Ger­ald Simon (AKA, Cap­tain Elec­tric) was the elec­tri­cal con­trac­tor that wired Bol­ic Sound. My dad knew Ike and Tina in a strict­ly busi­ness rela­tion­ship. But my dad has a few great sto­ries about those days

  3. Brett Phelps says: | Reply

    My friend owns a drumnkir with Bol­ic Sound writ­ten inside. We are try­ing to find some­one who can tell us if this kit is the kit from the stu­dio.

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