1973. Jeannette Sears around the time we fell in love. We later married.


1973. Jean­nette Sears around the time we fell in love. She was (is) extreme­ly smart, beau­ti­ful, great sense of humor, and pos­sess­es a strong sense of right and wrong. We were just friends at first because I was with my Eng­lish girl­friend (and still close friend of ours) Lucy Daniel at the time, and Jean­nette was with Jim Mur­ray of the orig­i­nal Quick­sil­ver Mes­sen­ger Ser­vice. We were all good friends. I met her at John Cipol­li­na’s house in Mill Val­ley in 1971 and we lat­er wrote a song about it called “Broth­er John” which was released on my album “The Long Haul”. I broke up with Lucy after a love affair that had last­ed sev­er­al years…she has been hap­pi­ly mar­ried to TV light­ing direc­tor Peter Raby for many years now, and writes for BBC TV and is a pub­lished author.

Jean­nette broke up with her lat­er part­ner, Don Hyde. I went through a pret­ty crazy peri­od in Mill Val­ley in 1972 when I was liv­ing in the house on Mel­rose that Nicky Hop­kins was rent­ing me while he was off with the Stones, and lat­er when I lived on Morn­ing Sun oppo­site Kathy McDon­ald. Jean­nette and I had been flash­ing on each oth­er for a while then, but only as friends. We did get togeth­er once dur­ing the time I lived on Mel­rose in ’72, when she came over to write songs, and we end­ed up mak­ing mad pas­sion­ate love. We weren’t see­ing each oth­er on a reg­u­lar basis yet though. Some crazy times for me went by.
In ear­ly 1973 Jean­nette and I got togeth­er for real and moved to Eng­land to live in a lit­tle cot­tage in the coun­try while I record­ed “Smil­er” with Rod Stew­art. We moved back to the USA in 1974 and I joined Jef­fer­son Star­ship, got mar­ried in 1975 and have been hap­pi­ly mar­ried for thir­ty-six years. We have two won­der­ful chil­dren, Dylan and Natal­ie. Both recent­ly hap­pi­ly married…Dylan to Danielle Bertoni, and Natal­ie to Jeff Sul­li­van. Natal­ie Sullivan…sounds good. Now we have two amaz­ing grandchildren…Ophelia Sears, and Silas Sullivan.
After I stopped writ­ing with Grace, Jean­nette wrote lyrics for my Jef­fer­son Star­ship songs, includ­ing “Stranger”, “Save Your Love”, “Awak­en­ing”, “Winds of Change”, sev­er­al of which went into heavy rota­tion on M.T.V.

Jean­nette has just fin­ished her first nov­el and signed with a lit­er­ary agency who is about to begin shop­ping it around. Grace Slick read the book in two days and gave Jean­nette a won­der­ful quote she can use…the book is a nov­el about a fic­tion­al rock singer and her jour­ney through life.

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