1974. “Dragonfly” Jefferson Starship” R.C.A. Records.




The YouTube video above is of the sec­ond song Grace Slick and I wrote. It’s called “Hyper­drive” and Grace wrote the lyrics, and I wrote and arranged all the music. It came out on “Drag­on­fly”, the first offi­cial Jef­fer­son Star­ship album as a band. The first song Grace and I wrote was “Bet­ter Lying Down” from her solo album, “Man­hole”.

1s974. “Drag­on­fly” Jef­fer­son Starship”
Pro­duced by Lar­ry Cox (used to play drums with Bud­dy Holly).
Record­ed at Wal­ly Hei­der Stu­dios, Hyde Street, San Francisco.
R.C.A. Records

This line-up would last through the 1970’s until the riot in Ger­many after which the orig­i­nal band broke up.

While I was still record­ing “Smil­er” with Rod Stew­art in Eng­land in 1973…I was talk­ing to a cou­ple of bands about pos­si­bly join­ing them…including Ste­vie Win­wood about a “Traf­fic” tour, and Paul Rogers who was form­ing “Bad Com­pa­ny” (they need­ed a vocal­ist bass play­er; I could­n’t sing a note back then…not sure I can now). Ron Wood put me in touch with them.
I was also rehears­ing with an instru­men­tal band that mas­ter gui­tarist, Mar­tin Quit­ten­ton (ear­ly Rod Stew­art) was forming…we had Man­fred Mann drum­mer John Ling­wood, and I played bass. Jazz pianist Max Mid­dle­ton did some record­ing with us. Great band which nev­er got beyond the rehearsal stage, although Island Records was interested.
I went to the USA to join “Jef­fer­son Star­ship” (Paul & Grace had been call­ing me from Cal­i­for­nia about join­ing all year)…Martin went off to Angle­sey to plant trees and start an ani­mal shel­ter. Jean­nette and I weren’t mar­ried yet, but had been liv­ing in a lit­tle cot­tage in West­er­ham, Kent, Eng­land while I record­ed “Smil­er” with Rod.
We flew to the US to go to Jean­net­te’s sis­ter’s wed­ding and check out the Jef­fer­son Star­ship offer…I insist­ed on pay­ing my own way because I did­n’t want to com­mit yet. They met us at San Fran­cis­co with a car and dri­ver, offered to put us up at the Seal Rock Inn, gave me a wad of cash and told me they would make me an equal mem­ber of the band. I met Paul and Grace at their home over­look­ing the Bay…we hit it off and Grace and I wrote the song “Hyper­drive” on the spot which end­ed up on “Drag­on­fly”, the first offi­cial Jef­fer­son Star­ship album as a band. I stayed with them for the next thir­teen years. I shoul­da quit after ten 🙂

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