Mill Valley Historical Society. Pete & Jeannette Sears Rock n Roll wedding.

1975 June 8th. Jeannette and I got married in Mill Valley, California. It was quite an affair…we had a puppet show and magician to entertain the kids, but the grownups decided they wanted to watch also; so we moved him and his assistant over to the grown up section along with the kids.

Ex Merry Prankster, Jefferson Airplane, and at the time Jefferson Starship Road Manager, Bill Laudner (a close friend) juggled with clubs. We had a string quartet playing a selection of classical pieces, and a Champagne fountain supplied by Jefferson Starship.
The wedding was catered by Mill Valley restaurant owner Hugo Tapia, a master chef from Chili. Jeannette’s brother David married us with his Universal Life Church license.

Apart from Grace Slick and the other Jefferson Starship band members and crew, guests included rock promoter Bill Graham, Mickey Hart and Phil Lesh from the Grateful Dead. My mother and father flew over from England, and Jeannette’s mother Bonnie flew in from Guatemala where she had been living.
Many of Jeannette’s other relatives were also there. We had a belly dancer to entertain the guests until Jeannette arrived in a Rolls Royce looking beautiful. Jeannette’s brother Rodney, and her sister Rita and husband Jeff Rubin, and close friends Nancy Getz and Tess Gowins also helped with the ceremony.
A special write up on the wedding made it to page three of the San Francisco Chronicle news section..