1976. Pete Sears & his Citabria 7KCAB aerobatic aircraft.


1976. Me stand­ing next to my beloved ful­ly aer­o­bat­ic Citabria 7KCAB air­craft at Schel­lville air­port, in Sono­ma County.…when the two run­ways were still unpaved. It had a 150 HP Lycoming engine. I learnt to fly aer­o­bat­ics to the Sports­man lev­el with the great Bob Short who ran “Aerosport”. He was also a musi­cian and often played with the “Turk Mur­phy Jazz Band”. Bob died in a hor­ri­ble air acci­dent when the “Breezy” home­built air­craft he was fly­ing fold­ed up around him at three hun­dred feet over the run­way. It was­n’t his air­craft and a mutu­al friend Dave Hay­den had advised him not to take it up…but Bob said he could fly any­thing. He did­n’t know the plane was­n’t built well. He was close to the age I am now when he died…a won­der­ful man, a great musi­cian and an amaz­ing pilot.

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  1. Baptiste Pirogue says: | Reply

    Pete, hi, I was a friend of Bob Shorts. A fel­low instruc­tor worked for Bob teach­ing aer­o­bat­ics, and intro­duced us. This was 1973–74. Many years lat­er I found myself back at Schel­lville to get a les­son from a young lady whom I had known since she was sev­en, fly­ing a T Craft with her dad. She flew instru­ments only, because that’s all she could see. She was still petite as an instruc­tor, but got on with the air­lines, fol­low­ing in her dad’s foot­steps. It was a hard blow for the com­mu­ni­ty los­ing Bob; I’ve thought about him often. Good to see a con­nec­tion, thanks to the inter­net. God­speed, take care.

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