Take Your Time”. Words Grace Slick. Music Pete Sears.



Fire”. Words, Mar­ty Balin, Trish Rob­bins. Music David Freiberg, Pete Sears.


All Nite Long”. Words, Kant­ner, Balin, Bar­ish, Slick. Music, Kant­ner, Bar­ba­ta, Sears, Chaquico, Freiberg.



Our hit sin­gle “Count On Me” made it to No. 8. Words & music, Jesse Bar­ish. Piano & Celeste, Pete Sears.


1978. Jef­fer­son Star­ship’s “Earth”
We record­ed this album in 1977.
Pro­duced by Lar­ry Cox.
Record­ed at Wal­ly Hei­der Stu­dios, Hyde Street, San Francisco.

R.C.A. Records

I wrote “Take Your Time” with Grace, and also got part writ­ing cred­it on “Fire” and “All Nite Long”. The album’s sin­gle “Count On Me” reached #8 on the Bill­board Charts…and the album #5.
The US tour that fol­lowed end­ed in Europe when a riot in Ger­many caused the band to break up, end­ing the most suc­cess­ful line-up the band has ever had before or since. Grace was­n’t able to per­form so we decid­ed not to play with­out her. The audi­ence riot­ed, burn­ing, steal­ing and smash­ing up any equip­ment they could lay their hands on. I lost all my gui­tars includ­ing my trusty old 1963 Jazz bass, and a brand new Doug Irwin cus­tom bass with a sil­ver inlaid drag­on on the body. I also lost my Ham­mond B3, Wurl­itzer piano, Mini Moog and a Fend­er Rhodes. (My cus­tom Irwin bass, “Drag­on”, was retrieved from south­ern Ger­many a few years ago after being miss­ing for 35 years…but that’s anoth­er story).
The band played a TV show in Ham­burg the fol­low­ing day, and flew to the Kneb­worth Fes­ti­val in Eng­land to play on the same bill as Genesis…Grace had flown back to the US to go into rehab for treatment.
At that point Mar­ty was say­ing he would car­ry on with us. That changed after the band returned to the USA, and that’s when Paul bought in Rock pro­duc­er Ron Nevi­son, and the band hired singer Mick­ey Thomas.
I want­ed to hire Jess Rodin but the band want­ed a high­er sound­ing voice. Drum­mer John Bar­ba­ta was involved in a ter­ri­ble car acci­dent and was going to be laid up for a very long time, so I brought my old friend Ayns­ley Dun­bar in on drums. My writ­ing part­ner, Grace, left the band for one album “Free­dom at Point Zero” (we did­n’t know it would only be one album at the time). I began using Jean­nette Sears as my Jef­fer­son Star­ship lyricist…we had been writ­ing togeth­er for years. 1978 was also the year Jef­fer­son Star­ship par­tic­i­pat­ed in a “Star Wars” Hol­i­day TV Spe­cial that fea­tured actors from the film.
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