Awak­en­ing”. Music by Pete Sears. Lyrics by Jean­nette Sears.

Fad­ing Lady Light”. Music by Pete Sears. Lyrics by Jean­nette Sears.

1979. “Free­dom at Point Zero”. Jef­fer­son Star­ship’s first album with Mick­ey Thomas as lead vocal­ist & Ron Nevi­son as Pro­duc­er. R.C.A.

Grace Slick sat this album out due to her work in rehab. Ayns­ley Dun­bar replaced John Bar­ba­ta on drums. John had expe­ri­enced a seri­ous car acci­dent. Paul Kant­ner hired Rock pro­duc­er Ron Nevi­son, who dras­ti­cal­ly changed the sound and direc­tion of the band’s music.
I had arranged for the band to fly Jess Rodin out from New York City to audi­tion as our new vocal­ist. He sound­ed fan­tas­tic, but the band decid­ed they want­ed a high voice to cov­er har­monies so they went for Mick­ey. Jess had a low­er bluesy soul style voice; I’d first seen him with the “Alan Bown Set” when my band the “Sons Of Fred” played with them in the mid six­ties in Eng­land. After Ayns­ley left, I again had the band fly out a friend of mine, this time from Eng­land to try out on drums…John Ling­wood from Man­fred Mann. But the band want­ed a dou­ble kick drum pow­er drum­mer and went with Mick­ey’s friend Don­ny Baldwin…also a great play­er. So I sup­pose I did­n’t get off to a very good start with Mick­ey or Don­ny really…although Don­ny and I are good friends now. Mick­ey is an amaz­ing vocal­ist, no doubt about that.
I had been writ­ing with Grace Slick through the 1970’s, so I began col­lab­o­rat­ing with long­time lyri­cist Jean­nette Sears on this album. Our con­tri­bu­tion to “Free­dom at Point Zero” was “Awak­en­ing” and “Fad­ing Lady Light”.
The album cov­er for Free­dom at Point Zero was shot on loca­tion in the San Fran­cis­co Bay on board the USCGC Midgett (WHEC-726).