1981. Jefferson Starship “Modern Times”. R.C.A. Records.



Stranger”. Music, Pete Sears. Lyrics, Jean­nette Sears.


Alien”. Music, Pete Sears. Lyrics, Jean­nette Sears.


1981. Jef­fer­son Star­ship “Mod­ern Times”. R.C.A. Records.

Pro­duced by Ron Nevison.

Grace Slick returned for this album and sang lead on my & Jean­nette Sears’s song “Alien”, and the sin­gle “Stranger” which played in heavy rota­tion on M.T.V.
Jean­nette and I also wrote the song “Save Your Love” from the same album. Jean­nette also co-wrote tlyrics for “Mary” with Craig Chaquico. Paul Kant­ner wrote, “Stair­way to Cleve­land”, “Mod­ern Times” and “Angel”. Record­ed at ‘The Record Plant” in Los Ange­les and San Fran­cis­co, and released on R.C.A.
The band was still a good rock band at this time and drew well at live shows.



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