1983. “Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra” Paul Kantner solo album.


1983. “Plan­et Earth Rock and Roll Orches­tra”

Paul Kant­ner solo album.

I wrote the music for “Liliths Song” with Grace…and I played piano on “The Plan­et Earth Rock and Roll Orches­tra”, “Lilith’s Song”, and “Sci­ence Fric­tion”
Oth­er play­ers includ­ed.
Jack Casady, Chi­na Kant­ner, Ron­nie Mon­trose, Scott Math­ews, Ayns­ley Dun­bar, John Blake­ley and Craig Chaquico. Record­ed at “The Automat” Stu­dios, on Fol­som Street, San Fran­cis­co. RCA Records.

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