1984.” Nuclear Furniture” Jefferson Starship. R.C.A. Records.


1984. “Assas­sin” Jef­fer­son Starship.

Assas­sin”. Music, Pete Sears. Lyrics, Jean­nette Sears.


1984. “Live and Let Live”. Jef­fer­son Starship.

Live and Let Live” Music, Pete Sears, Lyrics, Jean­nette Sears.


Sor­ry Me Sor­ry You” Music, Pete Sears. Lyrics, Jean­nette Sears.


1984.” Nuclear Fur­ni­ture” Jef­fer­son Star­ship. R.C.A. Records.

Jean­nette and I wrote “Assas­sin”, “Sor­ry Me, Sor­ry You”, and “Live and Let Live”. “Sor­ry Me, Sor­ry You” was orig­i­nal­ly writ­ten as an anti Nuclear song, but the pro­duc­ers and Mick­ey Thomas felt they did­n’t want con­tro­ver­sial lyrics on the album so the words were changed. This is when I began to be at odds with the band. Paul Kant­ner wrote “Con­nec­tion”, “Rose Goes To Yale”, and “Cham­pi­on”. Grace Slick, “Show­down”, and “Magi­cian”. Craig Chaquico and Mick­ey Thomas “Lay­ing It On The Line” and “Shin­ing in the Moonlight”.
This was also the first album that pro­duc­er Ron Nevi­son brought in musi­cal arranger Peter Wolf (not to be con­fused with Peter Wolf the singer). Wolf and his wife at the time, Ina Wolf wrote the albums sin­gle “No Way Out”, the first of many songs the cou­ple would write that would take “Star­ship” in a more com­mer­cial direc­tion. Paul Kant­ner also left the band after this record was released.



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