1985. “Fool For Love” Movie Sound­track. MCA.


Album Review.

Pro­duced by Jim Gaines.
Sound­track album for the Sam Shep­ard film, “Fool For Love”. Songs writ­ten by Sam Shep­ard’s sis­ter Sandy Rogers. Pro­duced by Jim Gaines. I shared key­board duties with Austin Delone, and bass with Doug Killmer. I was record­ing “Knee Deep In The Hoopla” with “Star­ship” at the Record Plant in Sausal­i­to, when Jim Gaines asked me if I’d like to play on the sound­track album he was doing in the stu­dio down the hall­way. I was hav­ing a hor­ri­ble time with the Star­ship and at odds with every­one and every­thing they were doing…so it was a breath of fresh air for me. At that point it was just me and Jim in the stu­dio, work­ing on Sandy’s songs. It was therapeutic.