1992. Rod Stewart. “The Mercury Anthology”.


1992. Rod Stew­art. “The Mer­cury Anthology”.

One of many com­pi­la­tion CDs fea­tur­ing Rod’s ear­ly work on the Mer­cury Label…considered by many to be his finest peri­od. Of course, I would say that see­ing as I played on a lot of it. On this com­pi­la­tion I’m play­ing piano on: Coun­try Com­forts, Every Pic­ture Tells A Sto­ry, Rea­son To Believe, What Made Mil­wau­kee Famous (has made a fool out of me), Sweet Lit­tle Rock n Roller (also fea­tur­ing Micky Waller’s Box­er dog Zak). I played bass on: Cut Across Shorty, and I’d Rather Go Blind, and Celeste on Mag­gie may.

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