1995. Jerry Garcia & Friends. “Boston Blues”.


1995. Jer­ry Gar­cia & Friends. “Boston Blues”.

This CD includes a 1970 live jam from the famous KSAN FM Radio record library at the sta­tion when it was on Sut­ter St in San Francisco.
It was the Richard Gos­sett show. Jer­ry was on Ped­al Steel, Bob Weir on vocals & rhythm gui­tar, John Cipol­li­na on gui­tar, Mario Cipol­li­na on bass, and I played upright piano.

It was all done live on a whim…you could still do that sort of thing in 1970. We played “Sil­ver Threads & Gold­en Nee­dles”, “Win­ner Los­es All”, “Let Me In”, “I’m Goin But I Ain’t Comin Back”.
KSAN lat­er took the idea and began broad­cast­ing live shows from the Record Plant in Sausalito…I played on one of those shows with Nick Graven­ites “Blue Gravy” blues band.
I soon left “Stone­ground”, the band I was with at the time to fly back to Eng­land and record on Rod Stew­art’s “Every Pic­ture Tells a Story”.
I then flew back to the US for a tour play­ing bass with the “Long John Baldry Blues Band” and spoke with Jer­ry from the Hyatt “Riot” House in Los Angeles…he asked me to play piano on his first solo album.

I was­n’t able to make it due to my road com­mit­ment with Long John (great band by the way…Micky Waller on drums, Sam­my Mitchell gui­tar, Ian Armitt piano). I always wished I could have come up to SF and made it work somehow…I loved Jer­ry’s play­ing and he was a cool guy.
He lat­er played on my solo album “Watch­fire” as well as per­form­ing at many ben­e­fits I helped get togeth­er for var­i­ous caus­es (as did Bob Weir).
Gen­er­ous souls.


Pete Sears



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