1997. Leftover Salmon “Euphoria”


1997. Left­over Salmon “Eupho­ria”

I played some piano as a guest on this album.
Ban­jo play­er Mark Vann was still alive at this point…I would often tour with them in their old yel­low school bus. We once towed a giant mod­el Salmon behind the bus to pro­mote clean rivers and respon­si­ble fish­ing practices.
I had a friend of mine fly his old Stear­man open cock­pit bi-plane along­side the Gold­en Gate Bridge as we crossed in the bus, nd he tried to take some video of us…but there was too much vibra­tion to get any­thing usable.
Fun to do though. Play­ing at Wavy’s “Pig­nic” was cool.
It was very hard when Mark passed away so young…he was a won­der­ful per­son and an amaz­ing musician.



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