1997. Pete Sears “Millennium”. Capacity Records. Tokyo, Japan.


1997. Pete Sears “Mil­len­ni­um”

Solo piano project released in Japan with the help of pro­mot­er Saitoh Tomat­su. I was going through a very exper­i­men­tal peri­od at this point…I would just sit at the piano, push record and make it all up as I went along. Total impro­vi­sa­tion with a delib­er­ate­ly non-conformist…sometimes dis­so­nant approach.

I lat­er per­formed a solo show on a grand piano at a jazz club in Tokyo doing the same thing, total avant garde impro­vi­sa­tion. Music def­i­nite­ly not for every­body I sus­pect. It went well…encore, flow­ers, the works…but maybe they were just being polite. I had a great visit…I love it over there.
Saitoh…if you read this please get in con­tact with me. I’d like to know that you are okay after what Japan has, and is going through.
Jean­nette and I are also con­cerned about var­i­ous stu­dents that have stayed with us through the 1990’s.

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