1999. July 3rd, All­man Broth­ers Band con­cert in Char­lotte, North Carolina.

Hot Tuna tours as an open­ing act for the All­man Broth­ers. I sat in on Greg All­man’s piano while he played organ on sev­er­al shows…and this was one. Not an offi­cial release…but they sent me a copy of the show on CD.

Here’s part of a show review I found on the inter­net by Michael B. Smith:

The All­man Broth­ers Band — Block­buster Pavilion
Char­lotte, NC — July 3, 1999 — CD-R2 — Aud 4

Com­ments: A friend sent me this review as post­ed on a web­site some­where — if you know where, please point me there so I can prop­er­ly cred­it this!:

Dick­ey then brought out Hot Tuna, set­ting up Jor­ma on gui­tar beside him,
Oteil turn­ing the bass duties over to Casady, and Har­vey sub­bing for
Jaimoe. Pete Sears took a seat behind the piano, right next to Gregg on
the Ham­mond. The jam band kicked off a red-hot ver­sion of “One Way Out”
that had the audi­ence in a fren­zy, begin­ning to the end of Gregg’s
final “..I don’t know.” With Paul T. Rid­dle and Butch Trucks on drums,
the All­mans plunged into “Back Where it All Begins,” before returning
Jaimoe to the drum kit for “What’s Done is Done.” Then came the familiar
strains of “Franklins Tow­er,” which has become a reg­u­lar intro to the
awe inspir­ing “Blue Sky,” to close the first set.” — with Gregg All­man, Jor­ma Kauko­nen, All­man Broth­ers Band and Jack Casady.