2000 January “Tibet’s Stolen Child”

I wrote and recorded the original score for this documentary film.

The greatest peacemakers of our time search for the truth about Tibet’s Panchen Lama, a boy whose fate could affect the destiny of a country struggling to avoid the destruction of its spiritual traditions.

A young boy, the Panchen Lama,
is the center of a swirling storm
of international controversy.
Identified by the Dalai Lama as Tibet’s second highest spiritual leader, this child was kidnapped by the Chinese government just days after the Dalai Lama’s announcement.

Compelling personal accounts by the Dalai Lama and five Nobel Peace Laureates and others show how this is not only a story of Tibet and a small boy … it is a story of the world.

Produced & Directed by Robin Garthwait and Dan Griffin,
in conjunction with The International Campaign for Tibet
Narrated by Patrick Stewart

Award Winning Film
Best Director, New York Independent Film Festival
International distribution; seen on PBS, in multiple film festivals, etc.
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