2000 Jan­u­ary “Tibet’s Stolen Child”

I wrote and record­ed the orig­i­nal score for this doc­u­men­tary film.

The great­est peace­mak­ers of our time search for the truth about Tibet’s Panchen Lama, a boy whose fate could affect the des­tiny of a coun­try strug­gling to avoid the destruc­tion of its spir­i­tu­al traditions.

A young boy, the Panchen Lama,
is the cen­ter of a swirling storm
of inter­na­tion­al controversy.
Iden­ti­fied by the Dalai Lama as Tibet’s sec­ond high­est spir­i­tu­al leader, this child was kid­napped by the Chi­nese gov­ern­ment just days after the Dalai Lama’s announcement.

Com­pelling per­son­al accounts by the Dalai Lama and five Nobel Peace Lau­re­ates and oth­ers show how this is not only a sto­ry of Tibet and a small boy … it is a sto­ry of the world.

Pro­duced & Direct­ed by Robin Garth­wait and Dan Griffin,
in con­junc­tion with The Inter­na­tion­al Cam­paign for Tibet
Nar­rat­ed by Patrick Stewart

Award Win­ning Film
Best Direc­tor, New York Inde­pen­dent Film Festival
Inter­na­tion­al dis­tri­b­u­tion; seen on PBS, in mul­ti­ple film fes­ti­vals, etc.
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