2000. Pete Sears “The Long Haul”.

My second solo project. As before I brought down many musical friends to the studio, including John Lee Hooker, Wavy Gravy”, Maria Muldaur”, “Davy Pattison”, “Shana Morrison”, “Steve Kimock”, “Levon Helm”, “Jorma Kaukonen”, “Nick Gravenites”, “Mark Naftalin”, “David Grisman”, “Michael Falzarano”, “Charlie Musselwhite”, “Mal Sharpe”, “Clint Baker”, “Alvin Youngblood Hart”, “Jack Casady”, “Rich Kirch”, “Dylan Sears”, Natalie Sears”, “Ernest Carter”, “Bryant Mills”, “Ron Perry”, “Willard Dixon”, “Jerry Cortez”, “Peter Rowan”, “Prairie Prince”, “Henry Oden”, “Bobby Vega”, “Jim Sanchez”, “Francis Clay”, “Jim Gammon”, “Ralph Carney”, “Maurice Cridlin”.

Paul Stubblebine engineered and co-produced the album with me at Steve Suda’s wonderful “Bay View Studios” in Richmond, California.
Most of the lyrics were written by Jeannette Sears. Robert Hunter wrote the lyrics for two songs, and John Lee wrote the words for “Elizabeth” to go with the changes I’d come up with. “Elizabeth” was the last “live in the studio” track John Lee Hooker recorded with no overdubs before he passed away. He also played a lot of guitar.
He was guest artist on a few other albums after that…but overdubbed his vocal to already recorded music (great sounding projects though).

I was lucky enough to play a few live shows with John. Rich Kirch was band-leader. Liz Fisher was his regular keyboardist who John was very fond of.

The “Long Haul” album cover was made up by artist Colin Birdseye. He used a real English train station from his home town (he’s also English) that looks a lot like my old station at Bromley South. He photo shopped me into the cover on both sides of the rails…and also added me flying my old Stampe open cock-pit bi-plane in the top left side corner.
The inside cover art was from a painting by artist “Willard Dixon” who kindly let me use it for the album. Although Willard Dixon is a world renowned artist, he is also a fine Jazz musician, and plays Soprano Sax on the track “Shady Lane”. — with David Grisman, Wavy Gravy (Official Fan Page), John Lee Hooker, Mark Naftalin, Levon Helm, Steve Kimock, Alvin Youngblood Hart and Maria Muldaur.