2000. Pete Sears “The Long Haul”.


2000. Pete Sears “The Long Haul”.

My sec­ond solo project. As before I brought down many musi­cal friends to the stu­dio, includ­ing John Lee Hook­er, Wavy Gravy”, Maria Mul­daur”, “Davy Pat­ti­son”, “Shana Mor­ri­son”, “Steve Kimock”, “Lev­on Helm”, “Jor­ma Kauko­nen”, “Nick Graven­ites”, “Mark Naf­tal­in”, “David Gris­man”, “Michael Falzara­no”, “Char­lie Mus­sel­white”, “Mal Sharpe”, “Clint Bak­er”, “Alvin Young­blood Hart”, “Jack Casady”, “Rich Kirch”, “Dylan Sears”, Natal­ie Sears”, “Ernest Carter”, “Bryant Mills”, “Ron Per­ry”, “Willard Dixon”, “Jer­ry Cortez”, “Peter Rowan”, “Prairie Prince”, “Hen­ry Oden”, “Bob­by Vega”, “Jim Sanchez”, “Fran­cis Clay”, “Jim Gam­mon”, “Ralph Car­ney”, “Mau­rice Cridlin”.

Paul Stub­blebine engi­neered and co-pro­duced the album with me at Steve Suda’s won­der­ful “Bay View Stu­dios” in Rich­mond, California.
Most of the lyrics were writ­ten by Jean­nette Sears. Robert Hunter wrote the lyrics for two songs, and John Lee wrote the words for “Eliz­a­beth” to go with the changes I’d come up with. “Eliz­a­beth” was the last “live in the stu­dio” track John Lee Hook­er record­ed with no over­dubs before he passed away. He also played a lot of guitar.
He was guest artist on a few oth­er albums after that…but over­dubbed his vocal to already record­ed music (great sound­ing projects though).

I was lucky enough to play a few live shows with John. Rich Kirch was band-leader. Liz Fish­er was his reg­u­lar key­boardist who John was very fond of.

The “Long Haul” album cov­er was made up by artist Col­in Bird­s­eye. He used a real Eng­lish train sta­tion from his home town (he’s also Eng­lish) that looks a lot like my old sta­tion at Brom­ley South. He pho­to shopped me into the cov­er on both sides of the rails…and also added me fly­ing my old Stampe open cock-pit bi-plane in the top left side corner.
The inside cov­er art was from a paint­ing by artist “Willard Dixon” who kind­ly let me use it for the album. Although Willard Dixon is a world renowned artist, he is also a fine Jazz musi­cian, and plays Sopra­no Sax on the track “Shady Lane”. — with David Gris­man, Wavy Gravy (Offi­cial Fan Page), John Lee Hook­er, Mark Naf­tal­in, Lev­on Helm, Steve Kimock, Alvin Young­blood Hart and Maria Muldaur.




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