2001. David Grisman. Grateful Dawg.


2001. David Gris­man. Grate­ful Dawg.

David Gris­man doc­u­men­tary about his series of record­ings with Jer­ry Gar­cia. I only put it on here because David men­tions in the film that he and Jer­ry, who had­n’t been speak­ing to each oth­er for some­thing like fif­teen years, recon­nect­ed in the kitchen of the record­ing stu­dio while I was record­ing my album “Watch­fire” in 1988.
One was com­ing to record while the oth­er was going.
The stu­dio was Bayview Stu­dios in Rich­mond, Cal­i­for­nia owned by Steve Suda. They sat exchang­ing slight­ly awk­ward con­ver­sa­tion for a while, and then vis­i­bly relaxed, final­ly bury­ing any hatchet’s they might have had lying around. So if it had­n’t been for my “Watch­fire” ses­sions, the won­der­ful “Garcia/Grisman” record­ings may nev­er had hap­pened. Steve Parish came down with Jer­ry that day.


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