2001. “Pete Sears & the Dawn Patrol” back up our close friend “Francis Clay” who was drummer with “The Muddy Waters Band” and many other blues greats.

Francis had become a poet of some renown, and had recited a p he wrote called “Mississippi” on my “The Long Haul” album. I had asked him to come up with a poem about his life in music, which he recited over a slow blues.
He didn’t mention some of his more controversial stories…like the time Francis was hanging out with Muddy when Willie Dixon entered the room with some lyrics that needed music. After Willie left, Muddy apparently asked Francis to go downstairs and work something up with the band. He came up with a groove and some changes and waited for Muddy. Muddy later came in and sang the lyrics Willie had given him. Francis says he never got any credit or royalties for his contribution…Francis is no longer with us. He was a talented, intelligent man, a wonderful musician and a good friend…who knows what really happened; but that sort of thing did used to happen back in those days.
Francis is reciting poetry with us in this shot. — with Francis Clay and Davey Pattison.