2004. Spencer Dryden Benefit at Slims: San Francisco: 5/22/04

Benefit organizer Pete Sears goes over the evenings schedule with master of ceremonies Wavy Gravy.

I put this benefit together to help Spencer who was having medical problems as well as having had his house burned down.
A special thanks to Dawn Holliday and the staff at Slim’s.
The Flying Other Brothers hosted with special guests: Bob Weir and Warren Haynes,
David Nelson and Friends, Peter Rowan
Nick Gravenites & Friends, David Freiberg, Jim Sanchez, Barry Sless, Doug Killmer, Greg Elmore, Rich Kirch, Linda Imperial, Kathy Peck, Peter Kaukonen.
I sat in on keys with everyone that night. Mike (Fan Man ) Somavilla also helped with the event.
Chet Helms got up and spoke that night.

The sold out evening was hosted by: Wavy Gravy and Chet Helms.
Light Show by Liquid Pete & The Brotherhood of Light. — with Harvey Mandel, David Nelson, Wavy Gravy, Wavy Gravy (Official Fan Page), Warren Haynes, Nick Gravenites, Spencer Dryden, Peter Rowan and Bob Weir.