2005. DVD of the Chetfest Show at the GAMH…unfortunately no longer available.


2005. DVD of the Chet­fest Show at the GAMH…unfortunately no longer available.

Chet had a lot left to give the world; but the waves of spir­it, gen­eros­i­ty and quite strength that peo­ple like Chet send out, will con­tin­ue for eter­ni­ty. Its peo­ple like Chet who give us hope that the human species won’t self destruct through the illu­sion that sur­vival of the fittest applies to brute force, deceit and dis­hon­esty, rather that com­pas­sion, car­ing and a sense of fair play.

He was qui­et­ly sophisticated.

Chet always looked to me like a Vic­to­ri­an era world explor­er, with his big bushy white beard, white hat and cam­era strapped around his neck.

I found him to have a strong sense of humor, which was nev­er sar­cas­tic, or at anybody’s expense.

It was more impor­tant that all the musi­cians, artists and staff be paid for the evening than he mak­ing a profit…

He had tremen­dous strength of char­ac­ter. — with Chet Helms.



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