2005. DVD of the Chetfest Show at the GAMH…unfortunately no longer available.

Chet had a lot left to give the world; but the waves of spirit, generosity and quite strength that people like Chet send out, will continue for eternity. Its people like Chet who give us hope that the human species won’t self destruct through the illusion that survival of the fittest applies to brute force, deceit and dishonesty, rather that compassion, caring and a sense of fair play.

He was quietly sophisticated.

Chet always looked to me like a Victorian era world explorer, with his big bushy white beard, white hat and camera strapped around his neck.

I found him to have a strong sense of humor, which was never sarcastic, or at anybody’s expense.

It was more important that all the musicians, artists and staff be paid for the evening than he making a profit…

He had tremendous strength of character. — with Chet Helms.