2005. Eric McFadden & Wally Ingram. “Alektorophobia”.


2005. Eric McFad­den & Wal­ly Ingram. “Alek­toro­pho­bia”.

I played Ham­mond B3 organ, Accor­dion, and Piano on this album.
Eric’s a won­der­ful gui­tarist, singer and songwriter…he and Wal­ly work well togeth­er. They asked me if I’d like to sit in at a show at the Casper Inn…but I already had a gig that day. Eric and I have played a few shows together…mostly ben­e­fits for var­i­ous caus­es. We played one mem­o­rable show with Ziga­boo Mod­eliste. — with Eric McFad­den and Wal­ly Ingram.



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