2005. “Learning Piano” with Pete Sears. DVD.

I release a three hour piano instruction DVD for the “Icons of Rock” series. We shot it at “Hyde Street Studios” on their white Yamaha 6ft grand piano. It was the same studio that I recorded “Red Octopus” with Jefferson Starship in 1975 when it was “Wally Heider Studios”. “Red Octopus” and its single “Miracles” both stayed in the number one position on the Billboard Charts for several weeks in a row. I played piano and bass on “Miracles” while David Freiberg played B3 organ. I had the flu while we were recording this learning piano DVD, so my voice get’s a bit croaky near the end (we shot it in one ten hour session), but the DVD wasn’t designed to entertain, and it has turned out to be effective for people wanting to get started on the piano. From a rock musicians perspective.
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It’s available at:
I later released a book to go along with the DVD (which is included)…I actually recommend getting the book, it helps a lot. It’s available on the same site.