2007. “Learning Piano with Pete Sears”. I forgot to put this in the mix. It’s the learning piano 3 hr DVD that I showed earlier…but I’ve added a book to go along with the DVD.


2007. “Learn­ing Piano with Pete Sears”. I for­got to put this in the mix. It’s the learn­ing piano 3 hr DVD that I showed earlier…but I’ve added a book to go along with the DVD.

I’ll just show the one review the book got on Amazon.
The DVD alone (with­out book) got almost all 4 or 5 star reviews, but two or three low star reviews brought the over­all down from five to four stars…not bad real­ly I sup­pose. Some­thing like 18 reviews. The bad ones either said it was­n’t for begin­ners (which it is), or I was very bor­ing (which may well be see­ing that I was ill when we record­ed it in one 10 hour ses­sion). Still, I did­n’t make it for enter­tain­ment, like some DVD’s I’ve seen that just show the guy play­ing some amaz­ing piano licks. The infor­ma­tion is there if you absorb each step before advanc­ing to the next (eas­i­er with the book by the way). Most of the reviews were pret­ty much glowing…ahem!!!
Here’s the Ama­zon book and DVD review…I like the per­son who wrote it…obviously very knowledgeable.
It can be bought at Ama­zon or:

You can find some very favor­able com­ments on Mr Sears’ teach­ing style in the reviews of the “Learn Piano with Pete Sears DVD” released a cou­ple of years ago, and still avail­able in a sep­a­rate Ama­zon list­ing. What used to be a DVD script avail­able for the DVD buy­ers as a pdf file to down­load, now comes as a nice­ly pub­lished paper­back with the DVD in a paper sleeve attached to the back cov­er. I sure­ly find it very help­ful to have the DVD script as a book, and refer to it often. Spi­ral bind­ing is left to the buy­er, and I’d rec­om­mend it — one may want to keep the book open on the piano desk, or music stand, when playing/ practicing.

The real deal in this book+DVD com­bo is the DVD of course, with near­ly 3 hours of Mr. Sears pres­ence on screen. As a key­board method, his approach may seem some­what uncon­ven­tion­al at first but (as I found out) it is actu­al­ly very effec­tive and engag­ing — real­ly fun to fol­low and learn. The book adds more in a few places beyond what is pre­sent­ed in the DVD. It’s all great stuff. Thank you, Mr. Sears!”

JS. (Ever­green State)


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