2007. “Learning Piano with Pete Sears”. I forgot to put this in the mix. It’s the learning piano 3 hr DVD that I showed earlier…but I’ve added a book to go along with the DVD.

I’ll just show the one review the book got on Amazon.
The DVD alone (without book) got almost all 4 or 5 star reviews, but two or three low star reviews brought the overall down from five to four stars…not bad really I suppose. Something like 18 reviews. The bad ones either said it wasn’t for beginners (which it is), or I was very boring (which may well be seeing that I was ill when we recorded it in one 10 hour session). Still, I didn’t make it for entertainment, like some DVD’s I’ve seen that just show the guy playing some amazing piano licks. The information is there if you absorb each step before advancing to the next (easier with the book by the way). Most of the reviews were pretty much glowing…ahem!!!
Here’s the Amazon book and DVD review…I like the person who wrote it…obviously very knowledgeable.
It can be bought at Amazon or:

“You can find some very favorable comments on Mr Sears’ teaching style in the reviews of the “Learn Piano with Pete Sears DVD” released a couple of years ago, and still available in a separate Amazon listing. What used to be a DVD script available for the DVD buyers as a pdf file to download, now comes as a nicely published paperback with the DVD in a paper sleeve attached to the back cover. I surely find it very helpful to have the DVD script as a book, and refer to it often. Spiral binding is left to the buyer, and I’d recommend it — one may want to keep the book open on the piano desk, or music stand, when playing/ practicing.

The real deal in this book+DVD combo is the DVD of course, with nearly 3 hours of Mr. Sears presence on screen. As a keyboard method, his approach may seem somewhat unconventional at first but (as I found out) it is actually very effective and engaging — really fun to follow and learn. The book adds more in a few places beyond what is presented in the DVD. It’s all great stuff. Thank you, Mr. Sears!”

JS. (Evergreen State)