2008. “Songs of Wood & Steel” Los Cenzontles with David Hidalgo. Pete Sears played piano on “Red River Road”.


2008. “Songs of Wood & Steel” Los Cen­zon­tles with David Hidalgo.

Pete Sears played piano on “Red Riv­er Road”.

Oth­er guests were: Lin­da Ron­stadt, Julian Gon­za­lez, and the Estra­da Broth­ers. Pete lat­er played a show with Los Cen­zon­tles and Dave Hidal­go at Yoshi’s in Oak­land. He said it was one of the most enjoy­able shows he had been a part of…a mix­ture of Mex­i­can tra­di­tion­al danc­ing and music and psy­che­del­ic rock. Very cool. Pete had­n’t played with Dave since he used to sit in with Los Lobos dur­ing the “Fur­ther Fes­ti­val” shows (he was with Hot Tuna), and when they would come by the Fill­more West.
Eugene Rodriguez, a clas­si­cal gui­tarist, runs Los Cen­zon­tles along with the Mex­i­can Arts Cen­ter, a com­mu­ni­ty cul­tur­al cen­ter found­ed in San Pablo by Eugene in 1989. An inno­v­a­tive group of musi­cians and dancers that ampli­fies the roots of Mex­i­can cul­ture, they are led by Eugene, who has been school­ing them in arcane Mex­i­can folk music styles since their youths. — with Lin­da Ron­stadt, Los Cen­zon­tles, Eugene Rodriguez and Los Lobos.





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