2009. “CIRCLES” A book is written about “Fleur de Lys” the band I played with in 1966.

By Paul “Smiler” Anderson & Damien Jones.
They interviewed me about my period with the band.
I met Brian Epstein when he was promoting a show we did with Eddie Floyd (Knock on Wood) in London.
I also met Jimi Hendrix for the first time over at Eric Burden’s place in London…before he started the Experience. Nice bloke. Some of the Fleur de Lys band members were staying at Eric’s place. Chas Chandler of the “Animals” who brought Jimi over from the USA, was co-producing some tracks for us. Mike Jeffries was also involved. Although Chas wasn’t the official producer…he brought down Jimi to play on the “Impressions” song “Amen” we were recording. Nobody knows what happened to the acetate…last I saw it was sitting on top of Sharon Tandy’s coffee table in London (some of us were sleeping on her floor). This would have been 1966.

The book is well written and manages to capture the early to mid-sixties English music scene…Carnaby Street (I bought a white striped suite and leather jacket there, it’s all I owned), the whole bit. I’m second from the left in the larger cover photo. — with Les Fleur de Lys.