2009. “CIRCLES” A book is written about “Fleur de Lys”, the band Pete Sears played with in 1966. Written by Paul “Smiler” Anderson & Damien Jones.


2009. “CIRCLES” A book is writ­ten about “Fleur de Lys” the band I played with in 1966.

By Paul “Smil­er” Ander­son & Damien Jones.
They inter­viewed me about my peri­od with the band.
I met Bri­an Epstein when he was pro­mot­ing a show we did with Eddie Floyd (Knock on Wood) in London.
I also met Jimi Hen­drix for the first time over at Eric Bur­den’s place in London…before he start­ed the Expe­ri­ence. Nice bloke. Some of the Fleur de Lys band mem­bers were stay­ing at Eric’s place. Chas Chan­dler of the “Ani­mals” who brought Jimi over from the USA, was co-pro­duc­ing some tracks for us. Mike Jef­fries was also involved. Although Chas was­n’t the offi­cial producer…he brought down Jimi to play on the “Impres­sions” song “Amen” we were record­ing. Nobody knows what hap­pened to the acetate…last I saw it was sit­ting on top of Sharon Tandy’s cof­fee table in Lon­don (some of us were sleep­ing on her floor). This would have been 1966.

The book is well writ­ten and man­ages to cap­ture the ear­ly to mid-six­ties Eng­lish music scene…Carnaby Street (I bought a white striped suite and leather jack­et there, it’s all I owned), the whole bit. I’m sec­ond from the left in the larg­er cov­er pho­to. — with Les Fleur de Lys.

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