2009. Harvey Mandel and the Snake Crew LIVE. Recorded at Biscuits & Blues, San Francisco, California.


2009. Har­vey Man­del and the Snake Crew LIVE.

Record­ed at Bis­cuits & Blues, San Fran­cis­co, California.
Har­vey has been one of my favorite gui­tar play­ers since I first heard his “Cristo Reden­tor” album in 1969.

Har­vey Man­del guitar.
I played piano.
Mick Mar­tin Vocals & Harp.
Bil­ly John­son Drums.
Steve Evans Bass.
Jose Najara Con­gas, Percussion.
Michael Bor­bridge Percussion.
Joli Valen­ti Vocals.
I loved play­ing on this album…there are some bits and pieces from the show on YouTube.
I did a lat­er show at the same club with Har­vey and his bass play­er could­n’t make it at the last minute…so I played bass with no key­board play­er that night. I had a great timel (I’ve played bass since 1964) so we did it again with Ron­nie Mon­trose as a spe­cial guest. I’ve played with Ron­nie before also…I love his play­ing. — with Har­vey Mandel.

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