2009. “Moonalice” T‑Bone Burnett produced this CD for us. I played bass and keyboards, and sang on “Kick It Open”, a song I wrote with Jeannette Sears.


2009. “Moon­al­ice” T‑Bone Bur­nett pro­duced this CD for us.

I played bass and key­boards, and sang on “Kick It Open”, a song I wrote with Jean­nette Sears.

GE Smith was still in Moon­al­ice at this point…but had to leave soon after to tour with Roger Wal­ters on “The Wall” tour. My old Hot Tuna band-mate Jack Casady was a guest once in a while and also played bass on a few tracks.

Moon­al­ice” is now Roger McNamee, Bar­ry Sless, me, Ann McNamee, and John Molo…we are very hap­py with this line-up.

I’d met T‑Bone before back in our activist days…but got to real­ly spend some time with him dur­ing this project. He gave me a large book he owned called “I Was There” Gigs That Changed The World…I could­n’t believe my eyes but there was a pho­to of me, Mick and Sam play­ing our “Sam Gopal Dream” set at 5am in the morn­ing at the Alexan­dra Palace in Lon­don 1967. Up to that point I thought there was only one pho­to of the orig­i­nal band. We were an instru­men­tal trio that played psy­che­del­ic Indi­an music…Sam Gopal on Tabla, Mick Hutchin­son on gui­tar, and me on bass and B3. We’d play all the hip psy­che­del­ic clubs in Lon­don like UFO, Hap­pen­ing 44, Elec­tric Gar­den, lat­er Mid­dle Earth, and the Christ­mas on Earth 1967.

Jimi Hen­drix sat in with us at one point.
Pink Floyd, Traf­fic, Fair­port Con­ven­tion, Soft Machine, Gra­ham Bond were all part of the same scene.
Lon­don was alive back then. — with Moonalice.

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