2014. Jefferson Starship: Live in Central Park NYC May 12, 1975 (2 CD Set). Sony Records.


2014. Jef­fer­son Star­ship: Live in Cen­tral Park NYC May 12, 1975 (2 CD Set).Sony Records.

1975. Sony Records released this two CD set of our live show in Cen­tral Park, NYC in 1975.

Papa John Creach was still play­ing fid­dle with us…it was a time in rock when you could stretch out the music to the edge. This CD even includes my seem­ing­ly end­less bass solo…when the rest of the band left the stage. Just me, a hun­dred thou­sand peo­ple, and my old 63 Fend­er Jazz bass…stolen from me a few years lat­er in Ger­many. Of course you have to imag­ine the bass tones thump­ing through giant PA speak­ers on each side of the stage, as well as my four Ampeg SVT eight ten speak­er cab­i­nets and heads. Man, those were the days. It also includes Grace Slick and me doing the song we wrote “Bet­ter Lying Down” off her solo album, Man­hole. That was just the two of us. We car­ried a grand piano around with us in those days…Grace was actu­al­ly a fine blues vocalist.

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