Playing my old Gibson EBO

Playing my old Gibson EBO with “Silver Metre” at the Fillmore West.

1970. Me playing a Gibson EBO bass at Fillmore West, San Francisco, with Silver Metre. I was introduced to Janice Joplin by a mutual friend “Super Groupie” Zany Dani while Silver Metre and Janice’s band were sitting in adjacent booths at the famous “Trident” restaurant in Sausalito, California. We hit it off and ended up spending the night together at her house in Larkspur after consuming a bottle of Mathews Southern Comfort. Earlier in the evening we jammed together in her studio…just the two of us. I was later sitting on her sofa when she pulled up a chair and an acoustic guitar and sang me a soulful rendition of Bobby McGhee. I sensed a vulnerability in her I hadn’t expected. We had a great time that night. Poor Charlie…Silver Metre’s manager at the time, was the only other person in the house and had to crash somewhere and make himself invisible till morning listening to us going on. Actually, I think he may have spent the night in the bathtub with a girl…so he was just fine.
We left her house for the road the next day…it was rock n roll.
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