1977. Me fly­ing Milo Tichacek’s Stear­man Bi-Plane over Sono­ma Coun­ty, California.

Pho­to by Roger Russ­mey­er. Milo had set-up Roger’s cam­era on a rack between cockpits…I clicked a but­ton switch on the end of a cable as I flew around the maneu­ver. Milo was in the front cockpit.
Milo lat­er let me join him when he towed a ban­ner around San Fran­cis­co that read “Jef­fer­son Air­plane Loves You”. It was Valen­tine’s day. The tow line pick-up pro­ce­dure is pret­ty amaz­ing. Milo is an amaz­ing pilot and used to check pilots out in the giant Her­cules trans­port aircraft.

I rent­ed a white Stear­man from a fel­low over at Buchanan Field for a while…rare to find one you can rent.
Peo­ple have a ten­den­cy to ground loop them on landing…which I nev­er did thank God.
I flew it across the bay and land­ed it at Schel­lville, and used to prac­tice touch n go’s at Sono­ma Skypark…a very nar­row strip with trees at each end. I enjoyed hand prop­ping it…always a chal­lenge where you had to keep your wits about you.
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