1996. Pete Sears “Watchfire”. Relix Records.


1996. Pete Sears “Watch­fire”. Relix Records.

Re-released on “Relix Records” NYC after “Grate­ful Dead Records” dis­solved. “Watch­fire” fea­tured many guests includ­ing Jer­ry Gar­cia, Mick­ey Hart, David Gris­man, Mimi Fari­na and Kit­ty Beethoven and was orig­i­naly released as an LP on Red­wood Records, then again on Grate­ful Dead Records. — with Mick­ey Hart, Jer­ry Gar­cia, Mimi Far­iña, David Gris­man and Hol­ly Near. Dif­fer­ent cov­er than the orig­i­nal 1988, Red­wood Records and Grate­ful Dead Records releases.



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