Sweet Little Rock n Roller

This is one of Pete’s favorite songs from Rod Stew­arts 1973 album, “SMILER”, the last of four Eng­lish made solo albums that he played on. The first being “Gaso­line Alley” in 1970 where he played bass on “Cut Across Shorty” and piano on “Coun­try Com­forts”. The sec­ond was his favorite album with Rod in 1971, […]

1967. Sam Gopal Dream. Original Indo Jazz Trio.

This band was called “Sam Gopal Dream”. The orig­i­nal band that was all instrumental…I played bass and B3 (on the left), Mick Hutchin­son played ragas on gui­tar (on the right), and Sam Gopal (cen­ter) played Tablas. We played all the Psy­che­del­ic Lon­don clubs includ­ing the “UFO Club” in Tot­ten­ham Court Road, “Hap­pen­ing 44”, “Elec­tric Gar­den” lat­er “Mid­dle Earth” in Covent Gar­den, we played the 14 hr Tech­ni­col­or Dream at “Alexan­der Palace” (our set began at 5am…John Lennon was there that night), “Christ­mas on Earth Con­tin­ued 1967” with Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Fair­port Con­ven­tion, Jimi Hen­drix, Traf­fic. We all played the same clubs.

1966. Fleur de Lys “Circles” Atlantic Records.

1966, some­where in Eng­land. Fleur de Lys…me 2nd from left, the sec­ond Eng­lish band I played with for a bit. We played most­ly Motown style music. I played piano with this band. We once opened for Eddie Floyd (Knock on Wood) in Lon­don, and Bri­an Epstein (Man­ag­er of the Bea­t­les who was pro­mot­ing the show) dropped by our dress­ing room with a bot­tle of Champagne.

The Strangers

My first school band…“The Strangers”, with my mate, Ter­ry Brown. I’m on the right of pho­to with Ter­ry’s mum’s shad­ow loom­ing between us.