Doobie Decibel System

Pictured (Left to Right) : Roger McNamee, Jay Lane, Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz, Pete Sears, Jason Crosby


As the Dewey Decimal System organizes library materials by discipline or field of study, the Doobie Decibel System throws its diverse musical talents together to create riffs and songs that cross genre and generation. On any given night, Doobie Decibel System play their original songs, such as “Backlash” and “Wrong Side of The Road” by Crosby and “Live A Little” and “Couple of Puffs” by McNamee, and dip into rock ‘n’ roll archives playing a variety of classics from The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead.

Doobie Decibel System logo by Stanley Mouse

Doobie Decibel System band members include:

  • Jason Crosby: guitar, fiddle, keyboards, vocals (Susan Tedeschi, Robert Randolph, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Carlos Santana, Pete Seeger, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen & Dave Matthews and more)
  • Roger McNamee: rhythm and lead guitar, bass, vocals (Moonalice, Guff, The Engineers, Random Axes, Flying Other Brothers and more)
  • Pete Sears: bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals (Moonalice, Sam Gopal Dream, Rod Stewart, Long John Baldry, original Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna, Peter Rowan, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh & Friends, Steve Kimock, David Nelson, John Lee Hooker and more)
  • Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz: guitar, steel guitar, vocals (ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra), Lebo & Friends, Jack Johnson, Phil Lesh, Steve Kimock Band, Brokedown in Bakersfield and more)
  • Jay Lane: drums, vocals (Primus, Further, Golden Gate Wingmen, RatDog, Scaring the Children, Alphabet Soup, Jay’s Happy Sunshine Burger Joint, Ice Age, The Uptones, The Freaky Executives and more)

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