1972-73. “Betty Davis”

Betty Davis

  • Release 1972

I recorded acoustic piano as a guest on the “Betty Davis” album…considered by many to be the seminal funk album of the time. I played on the track “Anti Love Song”. The album was produced by Sly and the Family Stone drummer Greg Errico, and featured Larry Graham on bass, Greg on drums, Merl Saunders on electric piano, and several other major artists. It was recorded at Wally Heider Studios in San Francisco. Betty was married to jazz great Miles Davis but they were separated at the time the album was made. She was a wonderful person to work with and we became very good friends. She made several albums. Betty Davis. “Anti Love Song”
Larry Graham pretty much invented the slap bass technique. He was playing in a band with no drummer…so he worked out a way to play bass and percussion at the same time. — with Betty Davis.

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