1972. ”Never a Dull Moment”

Rod Stewart

  • Release 1972


I left “Copperhead” to fly back to England and record on Rod Stewart’s “Never a Dull Moment”, playing piano on “Italian Girls”, and bass on “I’d Rather Go Blind”.

I could only stay a couple of weeks (hence not being able to stay for the inside cover photo shoot) because I had to fly back to the States to take possession of a house Nicky Hopkins was renting for me on Melrose Ave in Mill Valley. He had asked me to join a band he was getting together after he got back from the Rolling Stones tour. He ended up deciding not to form the band after he had a hard time on the road with the Stones.

I then formed a band with Greg Errico and Neil Schon called “Sears, Schon, Errico”…we played several gigs instrumentally including Fresno, and the “Diamond Head Crater Festival” in Hawaii.

I also did a lot of session work for Capitol Records and A&M Records in Los Angeles around this time…mostly country and rock.
I worked with Tim Rose, Alex Harvey, Kim Fowley’s “I’m Bad” album, and on an Ultra Violet (Andy Warhol crowd) album in LA where Salvador Dali showed up one day. That was a trip.

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