1972. “Mill Valley Bunch”

Casting Pearls

  • Release 1972

1972. “Hollywood Blues” Mill Valley Bunch, Casting Pearls. Pete Sears, Piano.

1972. “Last Call” & “Settle It In The Bedroom Baby”. Mill Valley Bunch, Casting Pearls.

1st song “Last Call”, Mark Naftalin, Piano. 2nd song “Settle It In The Bedroom Baby”, Pete Sears, Piano.


1972. This is something I’ve wanted to clear up for a very long time. I was the piano player on “Hollywood Blues” as well as “Settle it in the Bedroom Baby”, and “You Can’t Hurt Me No More”, the Nick Gravenites tracks on the blues album “Mill Valley Bunch” Casting Pearls. My very good friend and wonderful piano player Mark Naftalin played piano on “Last Call”. The tracks were recorded at Golden State Recorders in San Francisco. I thought I’d clear this up as there has been much confusion and conflicting credits since the original recording came out using “Doe” for everyone’s last name. This was done for legal reasons. I have played on many albums in my long career and this is one of those recordings where I don’t give a hoot about making money (of which there wasn’t much), but like most musicians I like to give and get credit where credit is due. I am proud to have been a part of this wonderful album which included Michael Bloomfield and other blues greats. Nick Gravenites is still a close personal friend of mine…his regular “Blue Gravy” keyboardist at the time played Hammond B3 while I played the piano. I later played bass and keyboards on Nick’s “Blue Star” album, and did many shows with him…I even toured Greece with him once.
Glad I got that off my chest.

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