1972. Souvenirs.

Alex Harvey

  • Release 1972

One of my favorite sessions for Capitol Records. Alex Harvey is a member of the “Country Music Hall of Fame”. He’s written songs for many artists including “Delta Dawn” (Tanya Tucker); “Hell and High Water” (T. Graham Brown); “The King of Oak Street” (Kenny Rogers); “Rings” (Leo Kottke); “Someone Who Cares” (Dusty Springfield); “Tulsa Turnaround” (Kenny Rogers); and songs recorded by Jimmy Buffett, Billy Ray Cyrus, Sammy Davis Jr., Jerry Lee Lewis, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, and many others.

We stayed at a house in Laurel Canyon, LA while making the album which was recorded at “The Sound Factory” engineered by Dave Hassinger…one of the session leaders was the great Emory Gordy. I arranged one of the tracks “Eva And The Evangelist” with Alex, which we recorded at Ike Turners “Bolic Sound” in Los Angeles, engineered by John Mills. I brought in Aynsley Dunbar and Neil Schon for the track (pre Journey). I was part of a band called “Sears, Schon, Errico” around that time and I’d use Neil on various sessions…but I left to go back to England to record on Rod Stewart’s “Smiler” album. Neil later formed the original “Journey” with Aynsley.

Alex wrote some beautiful songs and was a wonderful person to work with.

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