1974. “Dragonfly”

  • Release 1974


The YouTube video above is of the second song Grace Slick and I wrote. It’s called “Hyperdrive” and Grace wrote the lyrics, and I wrote and arranged all the music. It came out on “Dragonfly”, the first official Jefferson Starship album as a band. The first song Grace and I wrote was “Better Lying Down” from her solo album, “Manhole”.

1974. “Dragonfly” Jefferson Starship”
Produced by Larry Cox (used to play drums with Buddy Holly).
Recorded at Wally Heider Studios, Hyde Street, San Francisco.
R.C.A. Records

This line-up would last through the 1970’s until the riot in Germany after which the original band broke up.

While I was still recording “Smiler” with Rod Stewart in England in 1973…I was talking to a couple of bands about possibly joining them…including Stevie Winwood about a “Traffic” tour, and Paul Rogers who was forming “Bad Company” (they needed a vocalist bass player; I couldn’t sing a note back then…not sure I can now). Ron Wood put me in touch with them.
I was also rehearsing with an instrumental band that master guitarist, Martin Quittenton (early Rod Stewart) was forming…we had Manfred Mann drummer John Lingwood, and I played bass. Jazz pianist Max Middleton did some recording with us. Great band which never got beyond the rehearsal stage, although Island Records was interested.
I went to the USA to join “Jefferson Starship” (Paul & Grace had been calling me from California about joining all year)…Martin went off to Anglesey to plant trees and start an animal shelter. Jeannette and I weren’t married yet, but had been living in a little cottage in Westerham, Kent, England while I recorded “Smiler” with Rod.
We flew to the US to go to Jeannette’s sister’s wedding and check out the Jefferson Starship offer…I insisted on paying my own way because I didn’t want to commit yet. They met us at San Francisco with a car and driver, offered to put us up at the Seal Rock Inn, gave me a wad of cash and told me they would make me an equal member of the band. I met Paul and Grace at their home overlooking the Bay…we hit it off and Grace and I wrote the song “Hyperdrive” on the spot which ended up on “Dragonfly”, the first official Jefferson Starship album as a band. I stayed with them for the next thirteen years. I shoulda quit after ten 🙂

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