1976. “Spitfire”

  • Release 1976

“Hot Water”. Lyrics by Grace Slick. Music by Pete Sears.


“St. Charles”.  Promo. Sort of an early music video, shot and edited on film.

Written by Paul Kantner and Craig Chaquico. We used live footage shot on tour in the 1970’s. I’d just broken my leg and you see me playing bass with a full length cast on. I played bass guitar and piano on the recording.

1976. Jefferson Starship “Spitfire”

Produced by Larry Cox. (Ex Buddy Holly drummer).
Recorded at Wally Heider Studios, Hyde Street, San Francisco.
R.C.A. Records

The album quickly rose in the Billboard Charts and spent six consecutive weeks at #3 going Platinum. I wrote “Hot Water” with Grace and got part writing credit on “Dance With The Dragon” and “Song For The Sun” Part 1. “Ozymandias”-“Don’t Let It Rain”.

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