1976. “Unfinished Song”

  • Release 1976

1976. Tim Rose. “Unfinished Song”. Tiger Lily Records.

The sessions with Tim were recorded in 1973 Los Angeles, but were not released until later.
Tim was perhaps best known for his recordings of “If I were a Carpenter”, “Morning Dew”, and “Hey Joe” (Jimi Hendrix decided to record the song after listening to Tim’s version).

Producer: Tim Rose
Tim Rose: Vocals, guitar, organ
Russ Kunkle Drums
Pete Sears: Piano
Fuzzy Knight: Bass
Andy Summers: Guitar
Clyde King, Vernetta Fields: Vocals

Outrageous Mary
The Day I Spent With You
Little Girl
Unfinished Song
Mine For a Night
Empty People
Where Is the Good Life

This was an effort by Tim to produce a classic album with a few of his friends.
Although short – just 28 minutes – it is unique, “a real rock’n’roll album”, said Tim.

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