1981. “Modern Times”

Jefferson Starship

  • Release 1981


“Alien”. Music, Pete Sears. Lyrics, Jeannette Sears.


1981. Jefferson Starship “Modern Times”. R.C.A. Records.

Produced by Ron Nevison.

Grace Slick returned for this album and sang lead on my & Jeannette Sears’s song “Alien”, and the single “Stranger” which played in heavy rotation on M.T.V.
Jeannette and I also wrote the song “Save Your Love” from the same album. Jeannette also co-wrote tlyrics for “Mary” with Craig Chaquico. Paul Kantner wrote, “Stairway to Cleveland”, “Modern Times” and “Angel”. Recorded at ‘The Record Plant” in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and released on R.C.A.
The band was still a good rock band at this time and drew well at live shows.

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