1982. “Winds of Change”

Jefferson Starship

  • Release 1982

“Be My Lady”. Music, Pete Sears. Lyrics, Jeannette Sears.


1982. “Winds of Change” Jefferson Starship. R.C.A. Records.

As usual, I switched between bass and keyboards with David Freiberg. Grace Slick, Paul Kantner and Craig Chaquico all contributed songs. Jeannette and I wrote the title track “Winds of Change”, as well as “Be My Lady”, “Quit Wasting Time”, and “I Will Stay”.
I didn’t like the Hollywood production company who came up with the MTV video…the lyrics have so much more imagery they could have worked with. I think they just wanted to make it as cheaply as possible.
It was the only album produced by Kevin Beamish.
Recorded at the Automatt, San Francisco.

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