1984. Nuclear Furniture.

Jefferson Starship

  • Release 1984
  • Genre Rock

Jeannette and I wrote “Assassin”, “Sorry Me, Sorry You”, and “Live and Let Live”. “Sorry Me, Sorry You” was originally written as an anti Nuclear song, but the producers and Mickey Thomas felt they didn’t want controversial lyrics on the album so the words were changed. This is when I began to be at odds with the band. Paul Kantner wrote “Connection”, “Rose Goes To Yale”, and “Champion”. Grace Slick, “Showdown”, and “Magician”. Craig Chaquico and Mickey Thomas “Laying It On The Line” and “Shining in the Moonlight”.

This was also the first album that producer Ron Nevison brought in musical arranger Peter Wolf (not to be confused with Peter Wolf the singer). Wolf and his wife Ina Wolf wrote the albums single “No Way Out”, the first of many songs the couple would write that would take “Starship” in a more commercial direction. Paul Kantner also left the band after this record was released.

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